Top oral care tips for healthy teeth & gums

by Lucy Acton

• 05 May 2021

Did you know your mouth is 50 times more absorbent than your skin? It's no surprise then that our oral care routines have a major impact on our overall health, not to mention our smile.

Founded by dentists and sisters, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Vanessa Creaven, Spotlight Oral Care is answering the call for personalised, clean, clinically proven, earth-kind oral care solutions that bridge the gap between oral health and beauty.

So, you may be wondering, what do I need to know about maintaining my tooth and gum health?

Bad breath, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, stained teeth - all of these oral care concerns come back to our gum and tooth health, and for the most part these issues can be treated from home with the right products.

Let’s talk about cleaning. The best way to look after tooth and gum health is by brushing teeth and gums twice a day for 2 minutes each time. “As dentists, we see a huge difference when our patients swap from a manual toothbrush to a Sonic toothbrush,” Dr. Lisa explains.

“It’s the smarter way to brush because it does all of the work for you. Using our Sonic Toothbrush ensures a thorough but gentle clean, it’s suitable for all types of teeth and gums and has an amazing battery life.”

Using intense, high-frequency brush movements to ensure toothpaste and oxygen reach those little spaces between your teeth, the Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush has 3 different speed settings, so you can personalise your brushing experience, and the 2-minute timer ensures you brush for the optimal time, every time.

Next up, formulations. Remember we mentioned that our mouths are even more absorbent than our skin? You may never have thought about toothpaste ingredients the way you may have thought about skincare - but that’s about to change. What goes into our toothpaste and mouthwash formulations, and how they affect our tooth and gum health, really matters.

Dr. Vanessa explains why we need to rethink our oral care ingredients. “It's really important to use oral care products that are free from questionable ingredients such as DEA, Propylene Glycol and Triclosan. But, as dentists, we also don't recommend natural products as they don't offer any protection against decay and inflammation. Each of our toothpaste formulations has a clinical focus and we use only the best active ingredients to target your specific oral care concerns.”

In short, Spotlight Oral Care is all about curating your own specific oral care routine to meet your personal tooth and gum health goals. For teeth that require stain removal, look to their alcohol-free Mouthwash for Whitening Teeth and Toothpaste for Whitening, both of which contain the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, which gently and effectively removes stains and whitens teeth without damaging tooth health or causing sensitivity.

If you’re noticing your tooth enamel is thinning, or you’re worried about tooth decay, then use the Toothpaste for Rebuilding Teeth. Clinically formulated to remineralise and replenish lost enamel, this toothpaste contains the active ingredients Fluoride and Hydroxyapatite which reverse early erosion and enamel loss. Used twice daily, Spotlight Toothpaste for Rebuilding Teeth will help to strengthen and rebuild enamel and prevent decay.

So many of us struggle to floss our teeth, despite the important role it plays in maintaining tooth and gum health. Dr. Lisa and Vanessa experienced this first-hand when dental patients shared how difficult they found flossing daily. “Even as dentists we struggle to floss properly - especially in those difficult to reach areas. Our patients share their struggles with us, and we knew we had to find a solution, So, we created our Spotlight Water Flosser to help take the stress out of daily flossing,” says Dr. Lisa.

Water Flossers offer a gentle alternative to traditional flossing, and are less likely to cause gums to become irritated or bleed. In just 2 minutes, this device removes plaque, food particles and bacteria - leaving teeth and gums exceptionally clean. And for those of us with braces, bridges, implants or crowns this oral care tool is a game-changer.

What would a healthy, happy mouth be without a little sparkle? Spotlight Oral Care’s first product remains one of their best-loved - and with good reason. Their Whitening Strips are designed for sensitivity, so unlike other generic, unsafe, toxic whitening strips, Spotlight Oral Care’s Teeth Whitening Strips are created using clean, active ingredients that won’t harm your tooth health.

Dr. Vanessa explains why they created the bestsellers, “As dentists we saw that our patients were looking for a way to whiten their teeth from the comfort of their own home. We wanted to create a simple way to whiten your teeth that was both effective and specifically designed for anyone who had experienced sensitivity in the past. So, we created our clinically proven Teeth Whitening Strips which whiten your smile safely and effectively, in just 1 hour.”

Spotlight Oral Care’s unique formulation contains the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, which gradually breaks down stains and lifts the overall shade of the tooth. In each box, you'll find a full 14-day course of Whitening Strips, one shorter strip for bottom teeth and a longer strip for top teeth. Used once a day for 2 weeks, you’ll achieve a whiter, brighter, healthier smile - that won’t hurt your oral health.

Looking after tooth and gum health starts with daily care at home. Using the right prescriptive oral care solutions, with clean, active ingredients and pairing them with oral care devices that use the latest technology to clean thoroughly and effectively means your smile - and oral health - will thank you.

The above article was written by Spotlight Oral Care for CURRENTBODY. If you have any questions about any of the information or products included, get in touch with our team.

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