The best clitoral vibrators

by Carly Hibbins

• 15 September 2021

From human touch simulators to clit sex toys, the range of clit vibrators on offer is massive. How do you choose? We’ll share our favourites and why we think these clit toys are total no-brainers.


2. Womanizer PREMIUM Eco

3. Lora DiCarlo Carezza

4. Dame Eva

5. Smile Makers The Billionaire

What is a clit sex toy?

To choose the best clit stimulator, you’ll first need to understand what a clitoral vibrator is and isn’t. Shape magazine reports, "A clit vibrator can take any shape, size, or style, so long as it can be used to provide stimulation against the external clit," explains Jill McDevitt, Ph.D., sex educator with sex toy company CalExotics. "It can be bulbous with a long handle like a wand-style vibrator, round or egg-shaped and held in your palm, or small and bullet-shaped and held between your fingers," she says. There are ones that simulate a fingertip, ones that can go inside too and ones that are tiny and discreet. The key here is that these clit stimulation toys all work externally (at least in part).

How we chose the best clitoral vibrators

As the Beauty Device Experts, we’re looking at a combination of factors when comparing clitoral stimulation toys: effectiveness, sensation, price, convenience and durability. Overall, it needs to provide great clit stim and a powerful orgasm. But the best clit vibrator will also be affordable for the quality that you get. When you use a vibrator on clit and labia erogenous zones, you need to be sure it is body-safe and well-made. 

Our picks for the best clitoral stimulators are:


Best remote-controlled unisex vibrator

Insert, grab the remote and dial up 8 settings of pure bliss. The LELO TIANI 3 is a 100% waterproof and durable internal massager and external clit vibrator in one. It can be used by men or women, so it’s ideal for couples. And with the fun wireless controller, you can inject some whimsy into your intimate time.


Womanizer PREMIUM Eco

Best planet-friendly clit sex toy

Eco-warriors can now enjoy world-shattering orgasms without sacrificing their ideals. This compact clitoral stimulator is 100% vegan, made from biodegradable Biolene and is totally plastic-free. Its smart silencing mode means you can enjoy the clit massager nearly anywhere in comfort. And it has 12 intensity settings so you can find the perfect one for you.

Lora DiCarlo Carezza

Best human touch simulator 

The Carezza from Lora DiCarlo is an innovative clit stimulator that actually mimics a fingertip using PercussionTouch™ technology. Use it to rub against your clitoris glans, labia or anywhere you'd like a touch. The 10 intensity settings will let you cycle through a caress all the way up to rapid finger pulsating pleasure for a mind-blowingly unique orgasmic experience.

Best hands-free clit vibrator - Dame Eva

A high-quality clitoral vibrator designed for use with your partner or solo. It just tucks into your labia to provide soothing and exciting vibrations during penetrative sex, in the shower or anywhere you’d like hassle-free clit stimulation. The medical-grade silicone is totally body-safe and the wings keep the Eva locked in place. Just power on, pick your intensity and go!

Smile Makers The Billionaire

Best beginner clitoral massager

If you’re new to clit massage, anything can throw you out of your groove. Loud noises, cumbersome cords or off-putting silicone smells can prevent you from reaching orgasm. So it’s great that Smile Makers The Billionaire doesn’t have these issues. It’s ultra-silent, portable and made of odour-free body-safe silicone. You can use it externally or internally with 4 speeds and 2 different modes to help you achieve a thundering orgasm.

Still not sure what clitoral vibrator is right for you? Ask our team of Beauty Device Experts your burning sex tech questions.

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