Orgasms on your period

by Carly Hibbins

• 15 September 2021

Let’s not bury the lead, it’s totally fine to orgasm on period weeks. Stop asking ‘can you masturbate on your period’ and start asking why. Masturbating on period weeks has a surprising number of health benefits. We’ll break down how partnered or solo masturbation relieves pain and provides a host of other benefits in this 5-minute read.

Does orgasm help period cramps?

In a word? Yes. According to Health Shots, “While having an orgasm, our body releases chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine that act as painkillers, and help us deal with menstrual cramps. When you orgasm, the blood rushes to the uterus and helps relieve the cramps.” Those same chemicals also boost your mood, naturally. That might relieve some of the moodiness experienced during your cycle.

You’ll also probably have a bigger orgasm than usual because there’s already increased blood flow to the area. And that can help with arousal and sensitivity.

After you build up to that really big orgasm on period week, you’ll likely feel a rush of tiredness afterwards. The mix of sleep hormones and exertion can provide you with a natural sedative for a great night’s sleep too. 

How to masturbate on your period

The only difference between masturbation during periods and outside of them is the cleanup. If you don’t mind the mess then put down an old towel and go to town. But if you want a more discreet experience, use a menstrual disc, tampon or period cup - we like The Nüdie Period Cup. This will allow you to explore externally without making any mess.

If your hands just don’t do it for you, try an air or sonic clitoral stimulator like the LELO SILA. They are more silent than a vibrator and stimulate your clitoris without touching it.

If you need penetration to be satisfied, a menstrual disc can be worn during penetrative sex with a penis or sex toy like the Womanizer DUO. If you don’t want to wear any period care, you could enjoy penetration in the shower where the water can naturally flush the blood away. Just consider putting a condom on your toys to make the cleanup faster.

Period masturbation with your partner

Not everyone will want to take part in your period orgasm. Maybe people don’t like the sight or smell of blood or are off-put by the female cycle due to social pressure. That’s okay. We want all sexual activity to be fully consensual. So, if your partner doesn’t want to have sex during your period, why not invite them to participate in your period masturbation session. Put in a menstrual disc, tampon or period cup to keep the blood at bay. Then allow them to watch you tease yourself or invite them to take control of your sex toy.

If they feel comfortable enough, encourage them to masturbate with you. Try to communicate how close you are to orgasm during this session so you can arrive at the same time. You’ll both feel satisfied and connected while remaining comfortable with the whole sexual experience.

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