New beauty essentials

by Lucy Acton

Skønhed • 03 May 2021

Life has been dramatically different over the last year. A global pandemic caused salons and spas to close. Our relationship with beauty and self-care changed. Gaps between our beauty treatments widened and consumer habits were impacted.

Home-use health and beauty technology grew in popularity and, despite restrictions easing, we firmly believe that’s one trend here to stay. Read on to find out exactly why…

1. It’s a convenient alternative

Put simply, at-home beauty devices offer an easy and efficient alternative to in-clinic treatment. You don’t need to worry about booking appointments, or even getting to your appointment, and treatments can be fitted into your day - from the comfort of your own home. Take SmoothSkin’s range of hair removal devices, which offer fast, pain-free and permanent hair reduction in just 10 minutes.

Another benefit of at-home beauty is the cost. While some devices may seem pricey, when you compare it to ongoing top-up treatments with a professional, it’s a worthy investment. NEWA's anti-ageing and skin tightening device is a great example of this. In-clinic treatments of this sort can can cost around £240, with 6-8 top-up treatments required.


"Lockdown has made us self-sufficient in all sorts of ways which we won’t be giving up when it’s over. It's been a revelation how many beauty treatments you normally get in a spa can be replicated at home. There are some excellent products out there. Plus, it saves an awful lot of time being able to do your skin rejuvenation at home." Evening Standard

2. There’s a bigger and better choice

It’s hardly surprising that as demand has grown, so has the availability and range of devices. It’s not just big brands either. Increasingly, we’re seeing smaller names crop up with a range of innovative products to meet consumer needs. There's even devices like JOVS which combine hair removal and anti-ageing.

Other sectors including sexual wellness, health and fitness and pregnancy are also seeing a wave of new products. There’s now more choice than ever when it comes to at-home health and beauty treatments, with practically every skin concern tailored to. Brands like NuFACE have even made facelifts at home possible with their innovative facial toning and lifting devices.


"As salons reopen, these are the beauty treatments to keep doing at home." The Independent.


3. Experts approve

From skincare experts and doctors, to social media influencers and celebrities, various famous names have revealed they are fans of at-home beauty. This year’s awards season even saw Hollywood’s biggest stars forgo their usual salon treatments for at-home alternatives in order to get a red carpet glow.

One of London’s top aesthetic doctors, Dr Galyna has revealed that she’s been using a number of devices during her pregnancy. Talking about the Clarisonic Mia Smart, she said “I'm a big believer in a good cleansing routine and I was really interested to discover that Clarisonic also has anti-ageing options. I've loved the eye massager to cool tired eyes (I keep mine in the fridge) and I'm sure it will be just as useful once the baby is here!”

YouTube influencer and skincare guru, Wayne Goss also shared his at-home skincare routine with the CURRENTBODY skin LED Precision. “It's a very affordable option into LED technology which lets you tackle specific problem areas.”


"To really up the anti on your skincare routine, it's time to consider an at-home facial steamer. Bring the spa to you..." Heat Magazine.


It’s official. We firmly believe at-home beauty devices are here to stay so if you want to invest in new beauty staples to help you look and feel your best, check out our range of devices here.
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