Q&A: What's The Difference Between the NuFACE and the CACI Microlift?

by Jess Marrazzo

Skønhed • 24 September 2015

Squeamish about needles? Or can't face the thought of going under the knife. If you're looking for a non-invasive alternative to popular anti-aging treatments such as Botox, you should consider adding microcurrent technology to your skincare regime. Our two big hitters in the microcurrent technology field are the NuFACE Trinity and CACI Microlift. Although they look very different, they actually work in quite similar ways.

Difference Between the NuFACE and the CACI Microlift

What can microcurrent technology treat?

✓ Facial toning

✓ Fine lines and wrinkles

✓ Under eye circles

✓ Sagging skin around jaw and neck

✓ Slimming effect

What's the difference between the NuFACE and the CACI?

Both are at-home versions of salon favourite treatments. They use microcurrent technology to perk up the muscles in the face and solve a lot of common aging problems.

The NuFace has interchangeable heads making it a highly versatile device. In addition to the standard head, you can also purchase the ELE head, which delivers targeted treatment to the eye and lip area with two longer prongs, and the wrinkle head which uses red light technology to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. All you need to get started is the primer gel, which is smoothed over the skin in advance of the treatment to improve conductivity. You should notice an improvement in your skin tone after the first use, and continued use will provide more permanent results. After 6-weeks of daily use, you can reduce the frequency of treatments to around two or three times a week.

The CACI features four prongs which are topped with specially designed cotton buds pre-soaked with serum. Instead of changing the head, the CACI has different settings for different parts of the face and neck. The recommended treatment schedule is to use two settings for five minutes, 12 times over the space of four weeks. As with the NuFACE, improvement can often be seen after the first use, and more permanent results will be visible over time. After the initial treatment schedule, users often reduce it to one or two 'top-up; treatments every few weeks or so. We also recommend following each treatment with the CACI Microlift Amino-Peptide Complex Cream.

Which device is right for you?

This is really a question of preference, as both devices deliver similar results. If you'd rather only invest in one device, we recommend the CACI Microlift to banish wrinkles and tone the face. And if you'd like the opportunity to adapt your device with additional heads, we think the NuFACE Trinity could be the one for you!

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