Q&A: What's the Difference Between PMD and Riiviva?

by Jess Marrazzo

Hudpleje • 08 October 2015

Want smoother skin, way less acne or breakouts and an overall brighter complexion? It might be time to invest in an at-home microdermabrasion device. You may already be familiar with salon-version these devices; usually a handheld device connected to a giant whirring machine. Emily recently created this wonderful video explaining the difference between in-salon and at-home microdermabrasion treatments.

Already convinced? Great! Your next step is to choose one of our incredible devices. We currently stock the PMD and the Riiviva, and we absolutely love both devices. Of course, our endless adoration isn't much use to you when you're trying to figure out the difference between PMD and Riiviva! Before you take the plunge with one of these next-level skincare devices, have a read of our quick comparison guide.

What's The Difference Between PMD and Riiviva


The PMD comes with a few different head tips, making it a highly customisable device as soon as you take it out of the box. Starting with the white disc, you can test the device to see how your skin will react to the new sensation. You will also get 2 grey (very sensitive), 2 blue (sensitive) and 2 green (medium) discs. Why two discs? One is small for precision use on the face, and the larger one is for use on the body. And if you find these aren't coarse enough for your skin needs, we also sell the orange discs, which are perfect for use on areas of the body where a little more power is required, such as the elbows and knees.


The Riiviva comes with the medium head, and you can also purchase a range of tips to modify your device. Instead of categorising the heads by coarseness, the head tips are specific to different needs and areas of the body. We currently stock Riiviva tips for the Face, Body, Chest, Acne, Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Precision.


The Device

Both devices are incredibly light and easy to handle – you won't be getting tired arms halfway through a treatment! And while the Riiviva is wireless, the PMD does need a power cable to operate, so you might want to consider where you plan to do your treatments before purchasing.

Ease of Use

Both are incredibly easy to use, as demonstrated in these videos with Emily. (Click below to play!) The work in a similar way – by buffing away at the surface skin cells and vacuuming them away to prevent buildup. The PMD features a safety cap to ensure the device is always in contact with your skin in the correct way, and to catch the buffed away skin cells. The Riiviva is structured slightly differently, and the diamond tips surround the centre vacuum.

How to use the riiviva

How to use the PMD

If you're looking for a highly cusomisable device for a great price, we would recommend the PMD. If you're after a slightly more expensive model with a more high-end design, you won't be dissapointed with the Riiviva.

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