Optimal cleansing with Clarisonic

by Jess Marrazzo

Hudpleje • 19 January 2018

As a market leader in facial cleansing tools, Clarisonic has revolutionised the way we look after our skin. The collection explores a range of products to meet your needs, from the travel-friendly Clarisonic Mia Fit to turbo powered anti-ageing skincare essential, Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift.

Whichever device you choose, the treatment works its magic across your skin in just 60 seconds. Cleansing 6 times better than hands alone, Clarisonic promises to change the way you look at skincare, giving you softer, smoother and more radiant skin.

Quick Start Guide

Charge your device for a full 24 hours before use. The indicator light will continuously glow when it’s fully charged, giving you a double pulse when you disconnect the device from the charger. This will give your Clarisonic enough power to last 20 – 30 treatments.


Begin by removing any eye and lip make-up. We recommend using a soft cloth such as the Magnitone WipeOut to remove any excess residue from these delicate areas. Then, moisten the skin and brush head. Gently tap the brush after dampening to remove any excess water.


Liberally apply your foaming cleanser either to the device brush head or directly onto the skin. For best results, try one of the hypoallergenic Clarisonic cleansers, or a non-abrasive formula that works with your skin type.


Switch on the device with the power button and begin cleansing following the T-Timer prompts. Follow the designated diagram with each prompt to ensure maximum coverage across the face, starting on the lowest speed and working up to the one that feels most comfortable to use. Please note that your Clarisonic device will automatically stop after 1 minute to avoid over-stimulation.


Rinse your skin with warm water, as well as cleaning the brush head with warm water and antibacterial soap after each use. Pat your skin dry with a soft face towel.

Remember, you don’t have to limit cleansing to just your face either. The oscillating technology behind the Clarisonic designs is safe to use on your neck, decollete and body too. We offer a wide range of brush heads to suit your specific skincare needs, from deep pore cleaning to personalised pedi brushes. Whichever brush head you choose, we recommend replacing brush heads after every 3 months to make sure you’re always getting the most effective cleanse.

The more you use your device, the more you’ll be able to optimise your treatment further. Emily, our resident product expert has put together her top tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Clarisonic device, every time.

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