Let's Get Intimate

by Issy Luke

• 04 August 2022

Intimate health for many is still taboo. But that’s a shame. Even if you’re not postpartum, we can all benefit from improved intimate wellness. Many women know they should be doing Kegels, but aren’t sure if they’re doing them correctly. (And doing them wrong can cause more harm than good.)

Or perhaps childbirth or age have you enjoying sex less than you used to. There are treatments to help with that! So, it’s time to shed our discomfort and talk about pelvic floor health. We’ll share two great devices that can help you harness these important exercises for more bladder control, vaginal rejuvenation and better sex.

All around rejuvenation - vSculpt

The vSculpt plumps, heals and returns the natural moisture balance to your pelvic floor. It has 3 amazing technologies at work. It vibrates to improve your pelvic floor strength by 82%. It provides gentle heat to boost circulation and reduce pain. And it uses light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy to increase collagen and elastin production, restoring youth and vitality to your vagina.

So, not only does it tone the vaginal canal, it stimulates the tissues and muscles to reduce issues of bladder incontinence and dryness. With 3 treatment modes, you can start small with a 6-minute session and then work up to 8 and 10-minute treatments.

vSculpt til bækkenbundstræning

Jaqueline from the UK says:

“I am now 5 weeks into using . I use it every 2nd day. I have seen a dramatic reduction in leakage and much better and stronger pelvic floor. I have been getting fit, playing tennis and rebounding and there has been a significant reduction in incontinence. I feel tighter and there has been a slight sensation increase intimately. My partner has noticed a difference too.”

PT for your pelvis - Elvie Personal Trainer

If you need expert help getting your Kegels just right, then the Elvie Personal Trainer is just the ticket. You use it just once per day for 5 minutes. And within a few weeks, you’ll find your toilet breaks are less frequent or unintentional and sex feels better. The Elvie Personal Trainer tells you if you’re squeezing properly, for how long and for how many reps.

This helps you have an optimal pelvic training session every time. It’s easy to use and the app provides you with helpful information during your session so you see results in just 2-4 weeks. Improve vaginal tightness, get rid of prolapse issues and say goodbye to bladder problems with just a few minutes a day.

Elvie bækkenbundstræner

Kristy from Canada says:

“After childbirth, I had been struggling to strengthen my pelvic floor in consultation with a physiotherapist, but my progress was slow and I was itching to run again. After doing some research on different trainers, I decided to bite the environmental bullet and have the Elvie shipped to me in Canada from the UK (it’s not available here yet).

I am very glad I did. After six weeks of using the Elvie (a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 times a day), I met all the criteria for returning to run and have been doing so for three weeks now with no leaks. The pelvic floor physiotherapist I work with was amazed at the level of progress.”

If you’re ready to take control of your intimate health or look for other ways to improve your overall wellness, check out our full curated Health & Wellbeing collection of hand-selected products from our team of Beauty Device Experts.

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