Mind Your Mind - Daily Mental Health Checklist

by Issy Luke

• 04 August 2022

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body and your skin. It’s surprising, but 1 in 4 people struggle with their mental health each year. But here are 5 simple things that you can do as part of a daily mental health checklist to support your mind better this year:

#1 Make a to-do list

An easy way to remove some stress and anxiety from your life is to make a to-do list for each day in advance. Review it before you go to bed to calm any worries that you’ve forgotten something and refer to it throughout the day. Ticking off items regularly will give you a positive sense of accomplishment each time.

#2 Make time for self-care

Each day, do one thing that improves the way you feel about yourself. This could be relieving muscle tension with a Bed of Nails mat ritual at night or devoting time to a multi-step skincare programme you love. However you practice self-care, you’ll feel good that you’re taking care of yourself in measurable ways.

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#3 Eat healthy foods

Mental Health Literacy.org explains that eating a balanced breakfast, drinking water regularly, avoiding junk foods and swapping desserts for fruit is an easy way to improve your mental health through your diet. When we fuel our bodies with good food, we feel better inside and out.

#4 Do one social activity

Interacting with other people really boosts our mood. But you don’t need to have a diary full of social engagements to fulfil your daily mental health checklist. A simple phone call or text thread with a friend or family member can help you feel connected and cared for.

#5 Get good sleep

Getting a full 8 hours of sleep is really important to keep our bodies and minds healthy. If you struggle to get good quality rest, limit your caffeine intake and don’t take naps. Try soothing devices like the Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask to block out ambient light and help you relax the muscles in your face so you sleep better.

Sure, it’s not a long daily mental health checklist, but just these 5 steps will really help you face each day with a more positive outlook. If you’re taking control of your mental health and you’re interested in other ways you can support your wellbeing, check out our full collection of devices here.

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