Best Smart Health Devices

by Issy Luke

• 04 August 2022

Our world is smarter than ever. Your home assistant can talk to your refrigerator and order milk for your morning coffee. And your phone knows your schedule and modifies your commute. It’s all stuff that was unimaginable even just 20 years ago.

So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of advancements in tech to support your health too. Today, we’ve shortlisted our favourite app-connected devices just for people like you who love to live a smart life. Here’s our list of the best smart health devices out there:

Guided pelvic health - Elvie Trainer

Eliminate incontinence issues and clench your way to better sexual health with the Elvie Trainer. It helps you to tone your pelvic muscles with 6 fun daily Kegel exercises and a smart app that tells you if you’re activating the right muscles tightly enough.

It’s so good, 91% of users noticed benefits within 4 weeks of using it every day. Gina from the Netherlands says, “Nice design, connects with the App. You see exactly what and how you're doing ;). Every lady should use this to keep pelvic floor strong.”


Tech-supported workout recovery - Therabody Theragun Elite

This super-silent percussive massager goes 60% deeper than a regular vibrating wand for fast and effective muscle recovery. Try it with the full range of soft and firm heads available to soothe tension and relieve pain anywhere on your body via the 3 built-in routines on the app-connected experience.

CurrentBody customer Dina says, “I strained my back and everything including yoga was making it worse. This is the only thing that helps.” And Nick says, “Fantastic massage gun, very good quality, easy to use and targets all the muscles.”


App-boosted cardio - Tangram Chrome LED Smart Skipping Rope

If you’re baffled about how an app can improve jump rope workouts, we’re here to educate you. It comes down to accurate tracking, really. The Tangram Chrome LED Smart Skipping Rope has built-in magnetic sensors that track each 360-degree turn and jump, so even if you’re doing complex tricks, it’s going to register that motion.

And that’s surprisingly hard to do for most skipping ropes. That means every skip is logged and synced with Apple HealthKit or Google Fitness so you’re confident in the reported stats.


Clever digital training coach - Activ5

The Activ5 is a real-time strength tracker and coach. It helps you plan a routine and measure your progress through the workout programs. Great for any type of workout, even low-impact, the Activ5 reduces your risk of injury by helping to protect your joints.

Kvindelig model der træner pilates

It guides you through customised strength-based exercises that are automatically calibrated to your existing ability level. Build control over each muscle group as you track your progress in the app for increasing fitness levels over time that just seem so natural.


Didn’t find a wellness device to fall in love with on this list? Check out the complete Health & Wellbeing collection, curated by our Beauty Device Experts and trusted by CurrentBody customers like you.

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