Home Fitness Devices You Need To Know

by Issy Luke

• 04 August 2022

No gym membership is necessary! We’ve got some new names in the home fitness industry that you need to know about. They’re doing groundbreaking things for home workouts and we’ve combined them into a complete routine you can do at home or from anywhere. We’re exploring everything from hydration to a full body stretching routine for beginners. These home fitness devices are on all our wish lists.

For stretching, squatting, pressing and weights:

Bala The Power Ring

It’s so surprising you can do 75 unique movements with The Power Ring. This 5kg weighted ring replaces your need for kettlebells or other muscle strength and endurance gear. It’s beginner-friendly because of its evenly distributed and balanced weight. So, no matter where you grab it, you’re doing it right!

It’s easy to clean and store and made from recycled stainless steel and soft-to-the-touch silicone. Use this home fitness device in a full body stretching routine for beginners, for squatting, pressing movements or as a dupe during kettlebell swings.

For effective cardio:

Tangram Rookie Smartrope

The Tangram isn’t just any jump rope. It helps you burn more calories than cycling or running and you’re never going to miss a swing with the smart connected app. It keeps track of every jump and how long you’ve been doing the cardio burn for.

You can track previous sessions to improve on your personal best and jump for longer or faster times each workout. And, because it’s so compact, you can take the Tangram Rookie Smartrope anywhere. Skip the cross-trainer, bike or treadmill, and use jump ropes for smart bodyweight-enhanced cardio.

For clean hydration:

LARQ Self-Purifying Water Bottle

That first sip of cold, filtered water during a workout is heavenly. But if you wait for hours after filling your regular water bottle before using it, it goes stale. This LARQ bottle actually self-cleans every 2 hours for a fresh taste with every sip. It uses UV-C LED technology to kill more than 99% of bacteria that is in our water supply and the double-walled vacuum insulation keeps it cold too.

You only need to charge it once a month for crisp, cool water on-demand during your workout. Dav from the UK says, “I love my Larq bottle. I've had many water bottles both plastic and metal in past and all of them have always started to smell when water is left in them. I have peace of mind now that the water I'm drinking from the bottle is clean and not full of bacteria.”

For post-workout recovery:

Therabody Theragun Elite

Many people forget about post-workout recovery. But now, you can follow up your workout with the quietest percussive muscle massage device available for an instant rehab session that goes 60% deeper than a regular vibration wand. The QuietForce Technology means that it’s powerful but gentle with less noise during treatment. And you can change the heads for the right amount of resistance even on delicate areas.

The massager helps eliminate toxins and built-up lactic acid while bringing fresh blood to the area to help you recover faster. Eliminate muscle soreness, pain and tension following your home fitness routine with Therabody’s 3 personalised app-based routines.

Not sure which one of these home fitness devices is right for you? Talk to our Beauty Device Experts about your needs and routine. Or you can shop the full curated Health & Wellbeing collection for more wellness essentials here.

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