Exclusive Beauty Interview - Danielle Peazer of Idle Lane

by Chloe Beveridge

Skønhed • 24 July 2018

She’s stunning, she’s a successful dancer, and she’s quickly becoming a notable figure in the blogging world too! Danielle Peazer of Idle Lane is set to take 2015 by storm, and as we love her style and outlook on the beauty world so much, we decided to pick her brains on where she sees the year ahead taking her and the industry.

What was your highlight of 2014?

My highlight of 2014 for my blog has to be going to both NYFW and LFW. It was amazing to be involved in such a big event and get to sit front row and talk to people who are just as passionate about fashion and beauty as I am.

cbloves idle lane

What are your ambitions for Idle Lane this year?

This year I want Idle Lane to grow and reach all over the world and people of all ages. I try to blog about things that can appeal to a wide range of ages and cultures so hopefully there is something for everyone and the word can spread about Idle Lane.

What's your favourite health kick food?

I've recently become addicted to avocado, it makes me feel like I'm being super healthy and I love to make juices with avocado, pear, apple and celery in to feel super healthy!

What are your 2015 fashion & beauty predictions?

Fashion has come full circle within the last few months with flares and 'retro' pieces like Adidas shell toes coming back and being so popular. I think make up and beauty is going to focus more on being natural and the whole 'less is more' looks being shown in magazines and on the catwalk.

What's your must-have electrical beauty device?

I have a few must have electrical beauty products - my cleansing brush that I use once a day is amazing at keeping my skin look brighter and clearer. My hair curling wand that I use most days to add some shape to my hair and stop it looking flat. Also my heated eyelash curlers are such a great item that I use, especially when I'm going out as it really makes my lashes stand out more once I've curled them and then applied mascara!

Do you prefer salon or at-home treatments when it comes to electrical beauty?

I love salon treatments for the relaxation element of it and I can relax for an hour or so and let someone else take care of me, but the at home treatments are so good now and can save you so much money it’s definitely worth it if it’s something you have done regularly!

If you could keep only 3 things in your makeup bag, what would they be?

3 things I'd have to have in my make up bag are lip balm/conditioner, tinted moisturiser or a light foundation and my Tom Ford contour palette that I use to shape my face but can also add warmth to your skin and double up as a bronzer!

You only have 10 minutes to do your hair and makeup, what are the must do's and what's likely to get skipped?

I've had to do make up before in 10 minutes and managed to do OK! I would apply light foundation and bronzer/contour with some mascara and lipstick and I'd probably style my hair in a side plait so it looks done but I haven't had to put in too much effort!

What is your skincare routine?

I try to be strict with my skincare routine, I always take my make up off properly and use my cleansing brush at night to remove any extra dirt and make up. I also moisturise it daily before applying make up - I also drink this amazing Skin Magic Tea from your tea which really helps clean my skin from the inside out!

Who's your fashion/beauty icon?

I think someone like Gisele would be my beauty icon as she always looks so effortlessly gorgeous, she does the 'no make up look' so well!

A huge thanks to Danielle for giving us the inside scoop on her beauty secrets, here at CB we can honestly say that she's such a pleasure to have worked with, and we're sure Idle Lane is going to continue being such a success.

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