Bright Eyes: Illuminate your Skin

by Chloe Beveridge

Skønhed • 23 July 2018

Many of us experience eye strain or eye fatigue over our lifetime, resulting in puffy skin, dark circles and tired-looking skin. Up to 65% of us will notice that sleepless nights and stress can have a noticeable effect on our skin, whereas 53% have a genetic predisposition to dark circles and puffy skin. What’s more, as the skin’s collagen levels continue to deteriorate the skin loses volume, changing with a rougher texture as well as increased fine lines and wrinkles.

Thankfully, we no longer have to fear the effects of late nights and excess screen time, thanks to Me Bright. Going beyond the power of traditional eye creams, this stick uses professional technology to awaken your eyes and give you younger looking skin.

How does it work?

Me Bright delivers concentrated beams of Red Light therapy and Radio Frequency directly into the skin. These complimentary technologies combine with Sonic Vibration and gentle warming to deliver a professional at-home treatment that rivals the salon.

Red Light therapy has long been utilised by dermatologists and skincare professionals for its rejuvenating properties. The specific wavelengths of light used in this device promote your cells’ natural renewal and hydration to improve your skin’s tone and texture. Moreover, the addition of thermal energy encourages the production of collagen and elastin to plum the skin from within and increase microcirculation.

Proven results

Me Bright just takes minutes a day to see a noticeable difference, with 74% of users experiencing improved hydration in just 1 week. The device has also been clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing around the eyes. 88% of users saw increased firmness in just 4 weeks. It can particularly effective in treating “crow’s feet” as well as deeper wrinkles and fine lines across the skin, with 93% of users noticing their fine lines disappear in just 8 weeks. With regular use, skin looks plumper, firmer and feels more youthful too.

The treatment

  1. Cleanse the skin by removing all make-up. For best results, we recommend leaving the skin slightly damp.
  2. Press the grey power button on the front of the device. The button will illuminate to indicate the device is ready for use.
  3. Glide the device over the targeted eye area, ensuring full contact between the treatment head and the skin. Treat continuously for 3 minutes. You may experience a slight tingling sensation while using the bright device, this is perfectly safe and normal.
  4. The device will vibrate indicating that it is time to move to the opposite side. Move the device and repeat step 3.
  5. You will hear a beep to indicate that the treatment is complete. The device will turn off automatically.
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