Introducing Carita My C.L.E

by Chloe Beveridge

Hudpleje • 20 May 2019

Birthed in the 1960’s, Carita is a brand that has been at the forefront of beauty for nearly 60 years. Founded by two French sisters who were prestigious in the beauty industry, the pair applied their expertise and passion to create a brand with an innovative philosophy and a unique vision.

The brand’s hero product includes their revolutionary My C.L.E device. The first at-home device to combine both Microcurrent and LED technology, it aims to enhance, restore, protect and preserve your natural beauty whilst treating the signs of ageing.

What is the Carita My C.L.E?

Marking a new era in professional beauty devices, Carita have developed the world’s first at-home beauty device that combines both Microcurrent and LED technology. A true beauty revolution, the multifunctional device can cater to all of your skin’s needs in one compact handheld device. Whether you want to tone, tighten or improve your skin’s tone or texture, the Carita My C.L.E can do it all.

Where usually devices focus on one technology to target a certain concern, this device combines two of skincare’s most powerful energies to help you achieve salon level results at home.

Why You Need It

Developed to give your skin everything it needs, the device comes with four inbuilt beauty programmes targeting firmness, evenness, texture and radiance. Each programme lasts just four minutes, meaning it can easily fit into your current skincare routine.

The device is designed to be used with the Carita serums and can be used on the face, neck and neckline, meaning you can effectively target the areas that show the signs of ageing. From the lifting and firming effects of the Genius of Youth Serum to the anti-ageing qualities of the Neomorphose Re-Filling Serum, whatever your skincare concerns you can create a truly tailored treatment with the Carita My C.L.E device.

How It Works

The device’s Microcurrent technology, otherwise known as low-intensity electrostimulation currents, mimics the currents naturally produced in the body. They work by contracting the muscles, just like during a workout, to create an instantly lifted and firmed appearance. Microcurrent also stimulates the production of ATP, which accelerates the creation of Collagen and Elastin - the skin’s ‘youthful’ cells.

LED Light Therapy

Complete with four LED lights, all with different colours and wavelengths, the device is able to effectively target a number of different skin concerns.

  • Red LED (630nm): This penetrates deeply into the skin, making it effective for treating fine lines and wrinkles and accelerating the production of Collagen and Elastin.
  • Blue LED (460nm): Ideal for treating blemishes and imperfections, Blue Light helps to regulate oil flow and kills acne causing bacteria.
  • Green LED(525nm): Green Light is perfect if you’re looking to treat signs of hyperpigmentation such as age or dark spots.
  • White LED (3 colours merged): A combination of all three colours merged together, White Light is perfect for brightening up a dull complexion, revealing glowing, radiant skin.

This how to video shows you how to get started with the Carita My C.L.E:

Which Carita Serum is Right For Me?

Carita Ideal Hydration Lagoon Serum: Activate your skin’s radiance levels with this super hydrating Ideal Hydration Lagoon Serum by Carita. Formulated with Polynesian Lagoon Water, an age-old spring that is bursting with essential minerals, it instantly injects moisture and hydration into tired, dehydrated skin whilst strengthening the skin’s natural water reserve.

The result? Beautifully nourished, brighter skin that is smooth, plumped and glowing in appearance.

Carita Neomorphose Serum: Perfect for sensitive skin that needs a little extra ‘tlc’, this radiance-boosting elixir soothes and comforts delicate complexions. Formulated with cooling botanical ingredients, such as Peppermint and Boerhavia Diffusa Root, this luxurious Cotton Serum both calms and protects the skin from external aggressors.

The result? After calming redness, it will leave skin bright, glowing and luminous.

Carita Powder Serum Control: Designed specifically for combination and oily skin types, this Power Serum from Carita uses sebo-control complex to regulate excess sebum, reduce pore size and treat imperfections. Unlike other serums, its texture is non-greasy, soft with a powdery finish, making it non-sticky and comfortable to apply.

The result? A rebalanced complexion that is perfectly purified and matte in appearance.

Carita Sensidote Soothing Serum: Suffering from dull, tired skin? Give your complexion an injection of radiance with the Carita Progressif Firming Lift Genius of Youth Serum. Formulated off the back of scientific research, the serum’s potent formula is packed with active ingredients to effectively tone and tighten skin that lacks elasticity.

The result? A smooth, toned complexion that is visibly more radiant.

Carita Stimulift Serum: A non-invasive solution to smoothing and plumping the skin, this anti-ageing serum is packed with nourishing ingredients that help to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Perfect for treating slackened skin that is lacking in radiance, its Hyaluronic Acid and Rice Nutripeptide formulation.

The result? A beautiful-looking complexion that is brighter, fresher and visibly younger-looking.

Clinical Results

Approved and tested on women (age 35 - 65 with all skin types), 85% of those who tested the device said that their skin was instantly revitalised and re-energised and 91% reported that their skin was visibly tightened and lifted after just one month of use.

The device was tested on women of all skin types who displayed a whole host of ageing concerns, from a dull complexion, lack of firmness and slackend cheekbones.

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