Father's Day Gift Guide

by Amy Nicholson

Livsstil • 06 June 2019

What do you get for the man who has it all? The one who impossible to buy for? This Father's Day look no further than our selection of male grooming devices. At CurrentBody we have a curated selection of male grooming devices for the the special man in your life. Read on to discover our product highlights.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Oscillating 300 times per second, the Clarisonic Alpha Fit works with skin's natural elasticity to remove oil, bacteria and other impurities from beneath the surface. The result? Fewer spots, less blackheads, and overall touchably soft skin. It's a must have addition to any discerning gentleman's shaving routine, especially if they suffer with ingrown hairs or sensitive skin. The sonic pulsations will help to soften your facial hair and make for easier gliding when it comes to using a razor or shaver.

PMD for Men

With modern men becoming more concerned with grooming, its brilliant to see male-targeted devices coming to the market. Not only does the PMD rid smooth skin, it also stimulates the body's collagen and elastin production, leaving skin tighter and more youthful looking. Plus, with interchangeable heads, you can tailor the microderm treatment to suit your skin type.

FOREO LUNA 2 for Men

Did you know that the FOREO LUNA 2 for Men will help your razor blades last twice as long? We love that it helps prepare skin for the best shave ever, and it also helps prevent razor burn too. While it is kind and gentle on the skin, its thick touch-points are an excellent way to cleanse the skin, to help remove dirt and oil and ensure that is protects your skin's natural moisture barrier.

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, take this cleansing device for men with you no matter where you are to keep your skin looking youthful with its combined anti-ageing feature too.

Philips OneBlade

Combining the ability to trim, edge and shave in one easy handheld device, the Philips OneBlade Face is a grooming revolution. The hybrid device has been expertly designed to tackle any length of hair. Whether he's looking to shave, trim or create precise edges, he can say goodbye to multiple tools and steps with the Philips OneBlade.

Remington Flex 360 Shaver

Giving him complete shaving control right in the palm of his hand, the Remington Flex 360° Rotary Shaver is a compact, efficient shaver that is great for travel. Smaller than your average shaver, it utilises innovative Flex360° Hyperflex technology to carefully hug the contours of your face to give a super close, comfortable shave. The head of the shaver carefully bends at the neck so you can take control around those hard to reach areas.

The compact design enhances your circular motion technique, allowing you to capture hairs at even the most awkward angles.


Got a dad who's suffering from baldness? Let him know that there's a device to tackle it.

The combination of features within the iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System make it a best-in-class device that delivers real results. Using Low-Level Light Therapy to stimulate hair growth, the light penetrates the scalp and energises the hair follicles and molecules to encourage natural hair growth.

Unlike handheld laser devices, the helmet-style of the iGrow covers a large amount of the scalp and means that the laser is as close as possible to the hair follicles, allowing the device to deliver maximum regrowth.

Slendertone Abs 8

Suffering from a Dad bod? Give your dad the gift of a toned tummy with the all new Slendertone Abs 8. Slendertone Abs 8 allows you to reach high-intensity toning comfortably by offering a complete workout of all four abdominal groups using targeted EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation Technology).

The device tones all four ab muscles, even the hard to reach deep transversus abdominis muscles. Included are seven passive programmes which can be used when watching TV, walking or working at your desk.

Philips S9211/26 Series 9000 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

The ultimate shaver for wet and dry use, this first class device can do it all. Complete with the brand’s ‘SmartClean’ system, at just the touch of a button you can clean, lubricate, dry and charge your shaver so it can perform at it’s best every day. Completely waterproof, the device can be used in the shower or rinse clean under the tap - perfect for the dad who's on the go.

Beurer EM 38 TENS Belt to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Give the gift of pain relief with this lower back pain belt from Beurer. For the alleviation of spine pain and muscle tension in lumbar vertebra area. Flexible, adjustable with Velcro and extension strap the EM38 works on the basis electrical Nerves stimulation (TENS).

TENS is clinically proven, effective therapy without prescription and uses side effect free methods for handling of pain.

Globus Triathlon

Designed to improve the physical performance of Triathletes by reducing their recovery time, this device is ideal for those who are in to sport and looking for an easy to use electrostimulation device.

Electrostimulation is a technology that provokes muscle contractions by delivering electrical impulses that emulate real ones by using electrical impulses that act on motor points.

Beurer SE 80 Sleep Expert

A study conducted by Oxford University found that if your sleep is restricted to four hours over just three nights, the feelings of anxiety, depression and stress are all increased with performance levels decreasing.

In addition, regularly getting 8 hours of sleep has a phenomenal impact on wellbeing and could increase your lifespan by up to 5 years. This innovative device is great for maximising your beauty sleep and getting to the root cause of restlessness and tiredness.

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