Bevis for, at Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask virkelig forbedrer søvnen

by Issy Luke

• 26 July 2022

In Spring 2022, we asked 15 CurrentBody customers to partake in a sleep study using our Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask. All participants were part of the CurrentBody Community group on Facebook, so are familiar with beauty devices.

All were given the Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask to use for the study, having not used the mask before. Participants were asked to track their sleep for 5 consecutive nights without the sleep mask and then upload screenshots of their sleep patterns from the third-party apps that showed the results from their sleep tracker.Following that, they would repeat the process, but this time wearing the sleep mask and continuing to track their sleep quality. The study showed a positive impact on sleep patterns, the overall quality of sleep and an improvement in deep sleep. The results from these case studies are detailed below:

Denise Smith - Had the same amount of time in bed but restful sleep was increased by 1Hr 20Mins

I have noticed an improvement in my overall sleep. On the screenshots of the first week, a lot of those ‘light sleep’ times, I was actually awake at points but still lying in bed until I dozed off again. I’ve noticed it doesn’t always show red if I’m not moving about much, but I might still be awake. The second week, I can hardly recall being awake much, the mask certainly helped me stay more asleep or get back to sleep quickly, and I feel like I had longer periods of deep sleep.

I’ve also noticed a difference in my skin in the morning; I sleep on my side, so I normally have a huge pillow crease on my face in the morning which I didn’t have with the mask on, and my lines looked softer in general when I wake.

The first 2 nights I wore the mask I really noticed the difference. I couldn’t recall any times I was awake and just lying, trying to fall back asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I felt like I had slept straight for hours.

Manjiet Randhawa - Reached highest ever sleep score at 84

The first time I wore the mask, I wore it for 20 mins before bed and had a sleep score of 84, the highest one I have ever had in the 4 years of tracking my sleep.

I also noticed my deep sleep was 1 hour 30 mins, again the highest ever. More importantly, I woke up refreshed for the day ahead.

When Manjiet started to track her sleep for our study the first night, she had just 38 minutes of deep sleep. Her first night wearing the Dr. Harris mask, just a week later, her deep sleep nearly tripled and was recorded at 1hr and 30 mins.

Sally Argyle - 'Deep Sleep Cycle' almost tripled at 1Hr 13Mins.

“I have found it has helped my sleep, I am such a bad sleeper, it takes me ages to get off to sleep and I wake quite often. Now with the mornings being lighter in the summer months, I was also waking earlier and I found that wearing the mask allowed me to sleep for longer, as the light was no longer waking me up, so my sleep felt more refreshed."

We can see from her data that she had improved her deep & REM sleep when wearing her Dr. Harris mask.

The image on the left is Sally’s submission of the data without wearing a Dr. Harris mask, you can see her deep sleep stage was just 34 minutes. The image on the right shows a Deep sleep cycle which has almost tripled at 1hr 13mins.

Andy Johnston - Saw a dramatic improvement in quality of sleep

“Biggest take away for me was quality of sleep was definitely heightened and whether that was due to the pressure points or the fact the dots adhered the mask to my face leading to less discomfort I’m not sure HOWEVER with better sleep quality and indications that recovery and performance were both heightened leads me to believe the mask performed brilliantly at raising my quality of sleep and relaxation.”

We could see straight away when we looked at Andy's data that his experience with the Dr. Harris mask had undoubtedly improved his sleep as the night he was wearing it his restful sleep patterns showed marked improvements each day.

The Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask is more than a luxury sleep mask, the design combined with a mulberry silk blend & black light-blocking colour makes the Dr Harris Sleep Mask an essential addition to your nighttime routine.

Shop the solution to a good nights sleep here > Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask

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