Q&A: Can teenagers use the Clarisonic?

by Chloe Beveridge

Hudpleje • 13 June 2018

With Christmas fast approaching, many parents will be wondering if the gifts their children have requested are right for their age. And we're not talking about laptops, mobile phones or swegways – there's another device that has concerned parents running to us with questions. One in particular always stands out: can teenagers use the Clarisonic? There is no short answer to this because teenage skin concerns vary so much, but we'll try to respond to some of your concerns to help you make an informed decision.

So, can teenagers use the Clarisonic?

Absolutely! The Clarisonic device is perfect for removing excess oil, traces of makeup, and unclogging pores. These are all things that many teens struggle with, so when used safely, the Clarisonic can be a welcome addition to any teen's cleansing routine. If your child suffers from acne, they've probably already researched the Clarisonic device extensively. However, there are a few age-specific rules they should be aware of to avoid over-cleansing, which can cause permanent damage to their skin.

1) Watch for changes

Young skin is always changing, and teens often complain of patchy dryness one minute and excess oil the next. Keep an eye on their skin to see how it reacts to the Clarisonic. If dryness occurs, consider changing the cleanser or using less frequently.

2) Limit use

The Clarisonic is very gentle on the skin and is also customisable with brush heads for a more intense scrub, or for a gentler, more luxurious cleanse. Dermatologists recommend that teens don't overdo it with the Clarisonic device. Doubling the time spent using it won't make you twice as clean or twice as spot-free. Overuse is the only concern parents should have, and we recommend limiting usage to 2-3 times a week in the beginning.

3) Consult with a professional if unsure

If your child wants to use the Clarisonic device for acne, it might be best to consult with their dermatologist or GP before they purchase the device. There is no denying that the Clarisonic results in clearer skin, so if their acne is caused by a buildup of oil and sebum, the Clarisonic device will help to resolve this.

4) Don't share brush heads

It's really important that parents don't share brush heads with their teens, and that teens don't share brush heads with their friends. We've shared some tips in the past about how to maintain your brush heads so they are effective, and more importantly, hygienic!

5) Make sure it's authentic

Unfortunately, there are many online retailers which may look authentic but are actually selling fake Clarisonic devices. At best these devices will simply do nothing for your skin, and at worst they could cause permanent damage. Follow this advice for spotting a fake. Q&A: Can teenagers use the Clarisonic?If you have any other questions about the Clarisonic for teen skin, drop us a comment below and one of the team will get back to you!
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