A New Way to Sheet Mask

by Chloe Beveridge

Hudpleje • 01 August 2018

A New Way to Sheet Mask

The Foreo UFO has transformed the way we sheet mask, but now, the pioneering skincare brand have created its younger counterpart, the Foreo UFO mini.

Taking dermal technological inspiration from its older sister, the Foreo UFO, the mini allows you to enjoy a spa-level facial treatment every morning or night (or whenever you have a spare, barefaced 90 seconds).

Inspired by the skincare capital of South Korea, if you haven’t heard of the Foreo UFO yet, well, you should have - here’s the low down on the differences between the UFO and the UFO mini.

How is the Foreo UFO mini different to the Foreo UFO?

A younger version of its older sister, the Foreo UFO mini has all the same benefits as the UFO minus the Cryotherapy or ‘cooling’ technology as it's otherwise known.

Its primary genetics are the same as its older siblings', meaning you still get Thermo-Therapy and T-Sonic pulsations plus the LED light therapy which aims to give you gorgeous, glowing skin in under two minutes. Just like the larger UFO, it also pairs with the app on your phone so you can select which treatment you’d like.

Aside from the Cryotherapy, the other big difference between the two devices is the price. Priced at a slightly more purse-friendly £159, the device comes complete in three vibrant colours; mint, pink and fuchsia.

What comes with the UFO Mini?

Like the full size UFO, the mini comes with a Make My Day UFO Activated Mask, a plastic stand, a USB charging cord (which can be plugged into a phone adapter or computer port) and a translucent plastic case, complete with instructions on the back.

The UFO Activated Masks have been exclusively created for use with the UFO and the UFO mini, intricately designed to make sure every inch of your face gets some product.

A New Way to Sheet Mask

What masks can I choose from?

The brand, who birthed the UFO ‘sk-innovation’, originally created the Make My Day and Call It a Night sheet masks to complement the device - providing both a staple day and night treatment. However, they’ve recently launched their Advanced Mask Collection.

Whether your skin is craving a moisture boost or you’re looking to tackle those fine lines and wrinkles, the five Advanced Collection Masks take a targeted approach to tackling your individual skin concerns.

Glow Addict Mask

Ideal for tackling dull, lacklustre skin tone, the mask’s natural pearl and niacinamide ingredients give a radiant glow.

H2Overdose Mask

One for those whose skin needs an injection of moisture. This deeply moisturizing mask is packed with the hydrating hero ingredient, hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin soft, smooth and supple.

Youth Junkie Mask

Infused with the building block of youth ingredient Collagen, this ultra-rich formula gives the gift of younger-looking, baby soft skin.

Shimmer Freak Mask

You can forget your morning coffee, this caffeine-pumped Shimmer Freak Mask instantly awakens tired eyes. Complete with light-reflecting particles which help to refresh your eye contour, you’ll always look like you’ve had a full eight hours of sleep.

Matte Maniac

Perfect for detoxifying a clogged up complexion, this charcoal-infused mask will draw out impurities and make you look like you’ve spent the last month in a health spa.

How to Use the UFO mini

It’s simple. Attach your chosen mask to the device and press and hold the on button to pair it with the app. On the app, you can then select the complimenting treatment which corresponds with your selected mask. Then, slowly massage the device into clean dry skin for the full 90 seconds until the treatment has finished.

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