SIXPAD Legs Gel Sheet

Designed for use with the Sixpad EMS Leg Belt

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    • Works with the Sixpad EMS Leg Belt
    • Highly conductive for even distribution of EMS to the body
    • Absorbs and evaporates sweat to keep you comfortable during training
    • Keeps your skin comfortable
    • Adhesive and residue free
    • Low risk of skin irritation

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    What CurrentBody thinks

    Designed to safely deliver EMS to the targeted area, this gel sheet has been designed to be used with the Sixpad EMS Leg Belt.

    Made from adhesive and residue free material, they effectively absorb sweat to keep you comfortable during your workout.

    What's Inside

    • Sixpad Leg EMS Gel Sheets


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    Additional Information
    This product is made from Crosslinked Acrylic resin and Polyhydric Alcohol

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