FemTech: Improving Women’s Health

by Chloe Beveridge

Kropspleje • 24 July 2018

When we first discovered Joylux, we knew we were on the verge of innovation. Founded by Colette Courtion back in 2014, the company prides itself on creating products designed by women, for women.

It has paved the way for women’s health technology as part of the “FemTech” movement, raising awareness about intimate health and providing simple solutions to help combat common issues. The response to their work has been incredible, praised by the international press and global medical community alike.

We spoke to Colette to find out more about the Joylux journey into FemTech – here’s what she had to say.

What inspired you to start Joylux?

It all started as I was getting ready to become a mother. In asking my girlfriends for advice, they started sharing some of the physical changes of childbirth and aging. At the time, I had no idea pelvic floor disorders were such a universal and debilitating issue.

More than one third of women suffer unnecessarily from pelvic floor disorders, like stress urinary incontinence, also known as bladder leakage. These women can’t sneeze or cough without crossing their legs, can’t do certain exercises, and can’t run around with their children. There seems to be this idea that these limitations are normal, the typical effects of childbirth and aging, so women just accept this reality.

I started thinking about how to apply my background in medical aesthetics to create an effective and convenient product to improve the pelvic floor health of millions of women.

That’s how Joylux began. Our mission is to empower women to live their best lives and take back control. vSculpt uses LED light therapy, gentle heat, and sonic vibration, to actually stimulate collagen and rebuild tissue.

What do you value most in your work?

I’m really proud of the community we serve. The intimate health needs of women have been not talked about and for the most part, neglected. Millions have been silently struggling with this and other similar issues, and it excites me to see them finally getting recognition and help, not just from us at Joylux, but in the emergence of FemTech as a whole. Hearing individual stories and knowing that vSculpt helped women in such a profound way is incredibly fulfilling.

Where do you see FemTech heading?

I see FemTech continuing to grow and eventually becoming a central sector of the technology industry. For a long time, the tech space has been a boy’s club and the products coming out of it have reflected that. With more women entering this arena, their new perspective recognizes the market potential in this underserved group. These companies have been met with great success which makes me proud and so happy to be a part of this emerging sector.

How can we improve discussions surrounding women’s health?

The most important issue is removing the stigma around these issues. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be part of the Legalize V campaign, which sought to help normalize the word “vagina”. The censorship of vagina implies that it’s a dirty word despite it being the medical term. These connotations create barriers in women’s health, both for women experiencing these issues, and those trying to help. It’s difficult to spread vaginal health information and critical resources when platforms, like Facebook, are quick to deem it “inappropriate content” and women are uncomfortable discussing it with their doctors.

What would you say to women surrounding their own female health?

Advocate for yourself. Don’t let embarrassment and shame prevent you from getting the help you deserve. Pay attention to your body, talk about what you’re experiencing, ask your doctor questions. Being proactive is the only way to have control over your health.
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