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WetBrush The Original Detangler Brush - Pink

Universal detangling brush

WetBrush The Original Detangler Brush - Pink

Universal detangling brush

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  • For all hair lengths and textures
  • 55% less effort per hair stroke
  • 45% less breakage
  • Detangling hair brush for wet or dry hair
  • Safe for natural hair or extensions
  • Detangle brush for everyday use

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WetBrush The Original Detangler is a fan favourite because it's so easy to use. Get smooth, detangled hair in less strokes than other leading brushes.

And you'll find nearly half as much breakage than a traditional styling brush. This is because of the smart IntelliFlex® bristles. They ensure gentle strokes without tugging and pulling. Even on very unruly strands.

Use it every day on wet or dry hair of any length or texture. Make it a part of your regular routine for pain-free daily brushing that also stimulates your scalp for more hair growth.

Feel invigorated and ready to start your day when you style your natural hair or extensions with WetBrush The Original Detangler.

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  • WetBrush The Original Detangler Brush

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it's as simple as

Step 1: For use on wet or dry hair.

Step 2: Brush in short strokes starting at the mid-length and working down.

Step 3: Finish with a few complete root to tip passes.

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