WetBrush Go Green Biodegradable Detangler - Lavender

Eco-friendly detangling hair brush

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    • Fully biodegradable hairbrush
    • Detangle brush for 45% less hair breakage
    • Tipped bristles massage scalp
    • No pulling or tugging
    • For all hair types and textures
    • Compact eco hairbrush for daily styling

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    What CurrentBody thinks

    The WetBrush Go Green Biodegradable Detangler Brush is a revolution in hair care. It fully biodegrades in just five years. Now, keep plastic waste out of our oceans with an eco-friendly hairbrush that's still tough on tangles.

    Use on any length of hair, wet or dry. The smart IntelliFlex® bristles allow for the right amount of movement to work out knots without pain or pulling. You'll use 55% less force per stroke for hair that has 45% less breakage than with traditional options.

    The WetBrush Go Green Biodegradable Detangler Brush works on all hair textures too. After detangling, finish with longer passes for an invigorating scalp massage to promote hair growth each day.

    What's Inside

    • WetBrush Go Green Biodegradable Detangler


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    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Start at the ends and brush down in small stokes to remove tangles from wet or dry hair.

    Step 2: Follow with long passes from root to tip to smooth and massage scalp.

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