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Wahl Lithium Lifeproof Plus Wet/Dry Shaver

Cordless wet & dry shaving tool

Wahl Lithium Lifeproof Plus Wet/Dry Shaver

Cordless wet & dry shaving tool

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  • Foils flex for a comfortable, close shave
  • Easy to hold rubber grips
  • Shock-proof and almost unbreakable casing
  • Extendable trimmer for precision
  • Use wet or dry on face, head or body
  • LED power meter with 90 minutes run time on 60-minute charge

2 year warranty Official Wahl Retailer
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Udtalelse fra vores ekspert

The Wahl Lithium Lifeproof Shaver Plus is everything you want in a shaver. Its powerful electric motor gives you an even and consistent shave all over. The foils flex to let you get close while keeping you comfortable.

And there's a handy cover to keep those foils clean and undamaged while storing or transporting the Wahl Lithium Lifeproof Shaver Plus. This shaver is almost indestructible with a rubberised shock-proof casing that's durable and easy to hold.

On one 60 minute charge, get 90 minutes of close, clean-shaven skin with the Wahl Lithium Lifeproof Shaver Plus. The 3-cut system has blades that move in different directions to get an even shave. Need to edge up? There's an extendable trimmer that pops up to give you clean lines and precision movement.

Hvad der er inkluderet

  • Lifeproof Plus Shaver
  • Foil guard
  • Storage bag
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade oil
  • Charger
  • Instruction booklet

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why it works

The Wahl Lithium Lifeproof Shaver Plus is great for all over face and head shaving. It's got flexible foils to help you get closer without nicks. And the 3-cut system moves blades in different directions for a close shave in fewer passes.

Then you've got the battery life. 90 minutes? That's days and days of shaves in between charges. And since it's fully rinseable and can be used in the shower and dry, it's versatile. The non-slip grips on the shock-proof housing keep you safe and secure while shaving.

And if you need to get in tight, the pop-out trimmer tool gets you into those fine detail edges. When you're done, just clean with the blade oil and brush then pop the foil guard on it for simple transport or storage. It's easy to take with you anywhere for quick line-ups or shaves on the go.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Use wet or dry.

Step 2: Turn on and shave as needed.

Step 3: Pop out the precision trimmer for detailed areas.

Step 4: Rinse, clean and store when done.

make it personal

The Wahl Lithium Lifeproof Shaver Plus lets you get a close shave of your face, head and more with added precision. The pop-out edge tool helps you add detail to capture your style. Get 90 minutes of use with every charge.

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Additional Information

Key Features:

Run time - 90 minutes

Charge time - 60 minutes

Quick charge - 5 minutes

Battery type - Lithium Ion

Cutting length - 0.1mm

Rinseable - Fully rinseable shaver

Warranty - 5 years

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