SQOOM Cleanser Aqua Tonic 200ml

Low PH moisturising cleanser

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    • For all skin types
    • Anti-bac & anti-viral
    • Deep cleansing water
    • With active hydrating ingredients
    • Ideal for dry or allergy-prone skin
    • For use with or without the SQOOM device

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    What CurrentBody thinks

    Skincare starts with a clean canvas. That's why the SQOOM cleanser Aqua Tonic 200ml is essential to your routine. No matter what devices, serums, lotions and tonics you use, a clean base is a must. So, the SQOOM cleanser Aqua Tonic 200ml brings you a hydrating clean that won't strip your skin.

    It's low PH balanced and won't damage dry or allergy-prone faces. Use it before your SQOOM treatment or regular skincare to preface your face, neck and chest to receive the benefits of your routine. Just spritz and wipe with a cotton pad to remove dirt, oil and impurities. For best results, do a double cleanse.

    Follow with your SQOOM skincare device or another skincare routine for better absorption and a clean without that tight feeling. It's made with anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredients so it won't spread nasties around your face.

    What's Inside

    • SQOOM cleanser Aqua Tonic 200ml


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    SQOOM Sæt

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Spritz on to dry skin.

    Step 2: Wipe with a cotton pad to remove dirt and oils.

    Step 3: Repeat for best results.

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