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SILKE London Hair Ties - Cleopatra

Non-damaging silk hair ties

SILKE London Hair Ties - Cleopatra

Non-damaging silk hair ties

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  • Strong hold without the tangles
  • Reduce split ends and breakage
  • No kinks or dents in your hair
  • Elasticated hair bobbles won't tangle
  • 100% pure mulberry silk hair bands
  • Use every day for style without damage

100% mulberry silk Officiel SILKE London-forhandler
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Udtalelse fra vores ekspert

The SILKE Hair Ties are a revolution in hair styling. They are made from 100% mulberry silk and contain all the hair-loving benefits of this traditional material. Now your hair won't lose moisture when you tie it up, becoming dry and brittle. Plus these SILKE Hair Ties won't snag, tug, tangle or damage your precious locks.

These elasticated hair bobbles work just like any other hair tie but without the pain during removal. Just grab one, pop it on your wrist, style your hair and secure with the SILKE Hair Ties.

They're great for all hair types and textures for pain-free updos. Get them in a range of colours to keep in your handbag, on your nightstand, at work, at the gym or anywhere else you need to control your hair. They're gentle enough to use on hair extensions too.

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  • SILKE Hair Ties x6

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it's as simple as

Step 1: Pop the hair tie on your wrist.

Step 2: Sweep your hair up, use the SILKE hair tie to secure into place.

Step 3: Safely and easily remove without damage.

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Made from 100% pure mulberry silk

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