Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair (60ml)

5-in-1 skin repair serum

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    • Blend of balancing, healing and probiotic extracts
    • Added anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating formulas
    • Designed to heal acne, rosacea, imbalances, scarring and skin trauma
    • Soothes skin disorders
    • Safe for all ages, types and tones
    • Use 2-3 pumps in the evenings before moisturiser

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    What CurrentBody thinks

    Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair is an intensive formula for healing skin damage of all sorts. Use 2-3 pumps daily to soothe the skin barrier, rebalance levels and repair hormonal or skin trauma reactions. The powerful formula contains 5 different complexes to suit a range of skin issues and heal, soothe, calm, strengthen and repair your skin's natural balance.

    The Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair serum is also usable as an overnight repair mask for serious skin concerns. And, since it's travel-sized, you can safely bring it with you to maintain your routine while you travel.

    It's not made with any nasties and is safe for all skin types to use. With Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair the formula is balanced to heal critical skin concerns and should be applied right before your moisturising step.

    What's Inside

    • Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair 60ml


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    why it works

    The Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair is a powerful blend of 6 targeted complexes. First, curcumin and pine bark extract go to work against redness. Then, bio-fermented reishi mushroom helps heal the skin. Then the probiotic blend helps rebalance and restore your skin's barrier while nigella, pomegranate and maracuja oils support skin recovery.

    Lastly, this formula contains the Italian Bella Complex that's present in every part of the Pietro Simone Fierce Skincare collection and supports your skin's regeneration process. Together, Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair offers salon-level skin healing for rosacea, acne, skin trauma, inflammation, redness and more.

    Use it as part of your daily routine or as a night intensive mask. Since the Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair is safe for all skin types and tones, you can trust it to work to transform your skin.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Use as part of your evening routine just before your moisturiser.

    Step 2: Apply 2-3 pumps with your fingers.

    Step 3: Massage onto face, neck and chest.

    Step 4: Finish with your moisturiser.

    make it personal

    It's easy to make the Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair work for you. Just apply it right before your final moisturiser, like the Hydrator in Chief, day and night. At 60ml, you can easily take it with you on holiday, to work or to the gym.

    And, if you need that extra bit of healing, try the Pietro Simone Rescue Recovery & Repair as a night mask for intense skin healing results.

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