Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer

Targeted wrinkle treatments with Jade stone

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    • Chinese medicine's "Empress Stone" targets fine lines
    • Tool smoothes wrinkles around the eyes and lips
    • Shaped for pinpoint accuracy, reducing puffiness and lines
    • Soothe skin and reduce wrinkles without any painful treatments
    • Gentle massage strengthens and increases microcirculation by 400%
    • Use each day for 3 minutes to see instant skin tightening

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    What CurrentBody thinks

    The Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer levels up your gua sha facial with a unique shape designed just for the eyes, brows and lips.

    Use the Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer for a gua sha massage that reduces eye bags and minimises the look of wrinkles and fine lines in your problem areas.

    The slim shape makes it easy to hold for ultra-accurate facial massage around the delicate eye area. Use for just 3 minutes a day to reduce inflammation instantly and wrinkles over time.

    What's Inside

    • Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer
    • Storage pouch
    • User manual


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    free gift worth £19

    For a limited time only, receive a FREE Hayo'u 15ml Beauty Oil when you purchase the Hayo'u Nephrite Body Comb.

    This oil has all the potent skincare benefits you need, including the iconic Chinese ingredients of lotus flower, frankincense and ylang ylang, but with slow absorption to protect skin during this powerful massage. Perfect for gua sha, or as a deeply nourishing treat for your skin, in the morning or at bedtime.

    Why it works

    The Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer gua sha tool encourages lymphatic drainage. It's shaped in just the right way to apply a gentle acupressure treatment.

    Acupressure activates points on your face and body to relieve stress, promote circulation and provide wellness benefits. Due to the sensitive treatment areas, a facial oil must be used to allow the Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer to slip over the skin.

    The tool is made from nephrite jade which is desirable under Chinese medicinal beliefs for supporting kidney function.

    Sweep over your eye bags, brow furrows and lip folds for a tightening effect in under 3 minutes.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Clean and dry your skin.

    Step 2: Layer on your facial oil.

    Step 3: Slide the tool in small, outward flicks over eye bags, brows and lip folds with gentle pressure to tighten skin in around 3 minutes. Remember to do both sides of your face.

    Step 4: Store after cleaning the Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer with water.

    Use with other Hayo'u gua sha stone tools for best results.

    make it personal

    Nephrite jade is naturally cool to the touch, so store out of sunlight for extra de-puffing power. Try the Hayo'u Nephrite Precision Beauty Restorer at night for anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits before bed or use anywhere for just a minute to instantly lift problem areas around the eyes and lips.

    Try with different facial oils and follow with serums for long-lasting skincare benefits.

    Use alone or with the other Hayo'u Nephrite gua sha products for a complete treatment.

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