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Dr. Fresco The Zeus

Ultrasonic cleansing device

Dr. Fresco The Zeus

Ultrasonic cleansing device

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  • Ultrasonic scrubbing device with LED technology
  • Gently removes dirt and oil from within the pores
  • Improves skin texture
  • Increases skincare absorption
  • Can also be used on the back, hands, décolleté and feet
  • Vibrates 30,000 times per second for an effective treatment

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This powerful skin scrubbing device effectively removes dirt and oil from deep within the pores by using ultrasonic cleansing technology. Vibrating 30,000 times per second, ultrasonic waves gently perform a deep cleanse that you can incorporate into your daily skincare routine.

The device isn't just suitable for the face either, you can also treat problem areas on your back, hands, décolleté and feet for a smoother skin texture and deeply cleansed skin.

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  • Dr. Fresco The Zeus

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Using the device with the specially formulated Aqua Healing lotion, dirt and oil are loosened up and become much easier to lift away. Apply the lotion before beginning the treatment to prep the skin.

Ultrasonic waves then get to work by lifting away and removing dirt build-up and excess sebum from the skin.

Once this has been extracted from the skin, placing a cotton pad over the treatment area will absorb the dirt and oil, leaving you with a clear, smooth complexion.

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