DERMAFLASH MINI PRECISION Essentials Edge Replenishment Kit (8 Single Use)

Replacement edges for your DERMAFLASH Mini

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    • Compatible with the DERMAFLASH Mini
    • Helps you remove fuzz around your eyes, brows, nose & upper lip
    • Pain-free, on-the-go touch ups
    • Exfoliates your skin for a glowing complexion
    • Hair never grows back thicker or darker

    What CurrentBody thinks

    Say goodbye to peach fuzz with DERMAFLASH Mini, the on-the-go dermaplaning device that’s designed to tackle tiny hairs in those hard-to-reach areas.

    These replacement edges ensure you’re always ready for precise de-fuzzing and on the go touch-ups whenever your skin needs it.

    Use a new replacement edge after each treatment to make sure you’re always keeping bacteria away from your face too.

    What's Inside

    • DERMAFLASH MINI PRECISION Essentials Edge Replenishment Kit (8 Single Use)


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    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Clean and dry your skin. Install a new EDGE cartridge.

    Step 2: Glide over your problem areas to remove stubborn hairs, dry skin and peach fuzz. Discard cartridge when finished.

    Step 3: Use the roller ball to depuff the under eye area by gently rolling over a few times.

    Step 4: Apply your favourite moisturiser.

    Step 5: Wipe the DERMAFLASH Mini clean and store.

    These edges are single-use only, like professional dermaplaning, so that you don’t introduce harmful bacteria to your skin - so make sure you use a new blade each time you use your device.

    Not compatible with DERMAFLASH Luxe.

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