The Best Cleansers For Dry Skin – A CurrentBody guide

by Chloe Beveridge

Skønhed • 23 July 2018

The 'caveman' skincare regimen has been well documented in recent times – there's really no shortage of coverage for this trend.

For those in the dark, 'caveman' skincare is a new trend that favours a more natural approach to skincare to fix a variety of problems. Instead of loading up on lotions and potions, the caveman approach claims to cure everything from eczema to acne by only using a washcloth and water.

For people with dry skin, the prospect of going without moisturiser for any length of time might seem more like a nightmare. To combat dry skin we recommend using a cleansing device that will effectively clean your skin, without the need for harsh scrubbing or mechanical exfoliants.

The best cleansers for dry skin

For an unbeatably clean feeling, the answer is always the Clarisonic. If you suffer from dry skin, this cleaning device with two speeds is perfect for your needs! Contrary to popular belief, the Clarisonic doesn't exfoliate the skin, and is just as gentle as using a face cloth – but much more effective! Add the Cashmere Cleanse brush head to your device for a super luxe clean. Your skin will be left looking clean and refreshed, without feeling tight or dry. Then it's just a case of applying your favourite moisturiser. For a travel-friendly cleansing solution, consider the Foreo Luna Ultra Sensitive, which uses T-Sonic technology to remove dead skin, unclog pores and remove all traces of makeup. The 8000 pulsations per minute are channelled through the soft silicone touch-point ridges – which are well suited to sensitive skin – ensuring you get an effective clean without the need for abrasive scrubs or skin-drying cleansers. Use with a milky cleanser, or with a cold cream for an ultra-hydrating treat. Keeping your skin hydrated is a constant battle for people with dry and/or sensitive skin. The first step to remedy this is to drink more clear liquids. The second step is to find a moisturiser that works well with your skin. But if you're still after an ultra hydrating treatment, you might try the Elle by Beurer Ionic Facial Sauna. The steam will gently open your pores to draw out dirt and impurities and naturally increase hydration levels while reducing stress. Don't forget to close your pores with a cold washcloth when you're finished!
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